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making a difference

I do not try to be accepted.

I do not search for love.

I want only to be me and grateful

for the gift of myself.

---Dr. David Viscott

Choose the Life You Deserve.


From the time Ali was a small child, helping others in a loving, compassionate way was part of her genetic makeup. This was a foreshadowing that she would spend her life ensuring people have the love and support they deserve.While her credentials are impressive, her work and volunteerism have been the paths that make her work rich, loving and sought after. Even while raising two children and battling an intensely painful neuro-muscular disease since age 27, she found time to volunteer with end-stage AIDS patients, providing an angelic comfort for the last days of many. She also found time to volunteer at high schools around the state, where she counseled students who were dealing with the death of parents, and other teen issues that often immobilzed them. Ali was honored with the Martin Luther King Award from the City of Tempe because of her unwavering commitment to countless students. She continued her unconditional support of these young adults as she cared for her own family and gracefully lived with the debilitating pain of the disease, dystonia, provided the care and guidance they needed to cope with their challenges. She makes a difference with every life she touches.Ali has been in the counseling and mental health field since 1980, helping people in the public and private sectors. She has the unique ability to connect with people immediately, building their confidence and providing the gateway for them to live the life they desire. Her eclectic framework provides an abilty to draw from many theories and modalities that allow her to tailor the treatment for what works best for each client individually.Other counselors seek her help because of her wisdom and guidance. She is truly a healer's healer.The compassion and love she shares with others is profound. Providing a safe environment and embracing her clients exactly where they are in life, while guiding them toward the life they deserve. which are cornerstones of her practice.

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