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making a difference

I do not try to be accepted.

I do not search for love.

I want only to be me and grateful

for the gift of myself.

---Dr. David Viscott

Choose the Life You Deserve.


The "tribe" of people who I acknowledge on this page are not only some of thefinest professionals at their "cratfs," they are also the most supportive, loving,compassionate people around!


I am honored to know them and encourage anyone desiring their specific talents to seek their assistance.


With great love and appreciation, I give you my "gratitude links!"Ali


Martha Beck, International Life Coach


Matt Licata, International Psychologist & Humble Human


Jeff Foster, Life Affirming Meditation Teacher & Brilliant Poet

Ron Kossack, Attorney at Law

Randy Wolfe, Custom Woodworking

The Miss Foundation for Bereaved Families

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research


Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center Movement Disorders Clinic



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