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I do not try to be accepted.

I do not search for love.

I want only to be me and grateful

for the gift of myself.

---Dr. David Viscott

Choose the Life You Deserve.

As an attending physician on a busy neurological unit, I am frequently confronted with the emotional effects of the trauma which my patients must endure.I was referred to Ali by a colleague, and after some skeptical hesitation, I began my process with her. After our first session, I lost all pangs of reluctance, and after our second, I began to incorporate the growth and peace I felt I had achieved into my own practice. Through continuing sessions, I feel that I am better able to transmit these feelings to those who must suffer intense physical and emotional hardships, making me a better physician and more fulfilled person. I would recommend Ali Kossack to anyone searching for a happier, more meaningful existence without reservation.

James F., M.D., Minneapolis ,MN

Anyone facing a tough challenge, grieving a profound loss, or looking

for a loyal friend will find what they're looking for in Alice Kossack. She solves problems with a combination of deep compassion, bubbly wit, and irrepressible optimism. An experienced grief counselor and a survivor of chronic physical pain, Alice dives in with confidence and skill where other coaches may be overwhelmed. She'll stick with you--and help you triumph--through thick and thin.

Martha Beck. International Life Coach, Columnist for Oprah Magazine

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