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I do not try to be accepted.

I do not search for love.

I want only to be me and grateful

for the gift of myself.

---Dr. David Viscott

Choose the Life You Deserve.

After years of working with different professionals, I feel fortunate to have been referred to Ali Kossack. Our journey was remarkable and transformative and I eagerly devoured the wisdom and caring that she provided for me. Together, we established the path to what would become my individualized happiness, and in the process I rediscovered the "me" that I felt had been lost forever.Suzie M. Former Client, Scottsdale, AZ

Alice is simply the best counselor I have ever encountered. She sees your deepest beauty and vulnerabilities and knows how to help you within minutes. She can find your places of fear or shame and love them so completely that they melt away as you remember your strength, power and love. Her work is nourishing to the soul. She is so brilliant and effective that therapists seek her out for her wisdom. But it's her ability to leave one feeling so completely loved and whole that sets her apart, making one feel like they just had a session with Mother Theresa. The opportunity to work with her is a gift and a blessing.

Jon Cotton, Nutritionist, Berkeley, CA

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